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In case you have not watched Sesame Street recently, a good portion of it is dedicated to “Elmo’s World.” Elmo is a little, needy red monster, who has his own computer and goldfish. While Ernie and Bert share a room with single beds, Elmo has a special room where he keeps a mime, Mr. Noodle, whom he dominates and mocks. In books, Elmo tells each child he or she is special. He loves YOU! He wants YOU to kiss, hug, and tickle him! He wants YOU to buy his stuff. When Elmo grows up he is going to have seven girlfriends, but make each one feel so special, none of them will suspect the truth. We have books about Elmo going potty, Elmo going to sleep in his own big boy bed, and I appreciate them for helping my daughter learn about important transitions. I love her joy and therefore appreciate anything that makes her so happy, but he worries me. Sometimes when I read a story that ends “Now Elmo wants YOU to kiss him!” I want to turn to my daughter and tell her, “You know he says that to all the toddlers, right?”

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  3. I guess they’re just trying to teach children to show love to others . . . .

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