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Beginning with pregnancy, having children makes some strangers think you want their opinion on every aspect of your life. Goodbye privacy. People want to touch your belly, stroke your child’s hair, tell you what to eat, tell you how to stop your child from crying. Sometimes these people are helpful and sometimes they are the low point in a day full of baby vomit. Yes, the low point in a day of vomit. Strangers are more attentive to the choices you make. How you discipline and love is often on display. Our bookcase also put things on display that for an adult, would not necessarily be out in the open: we have a growing pile of books that deal with “issues,” from the expected books on going potty, to books with catchy titles like “Feet are not for kicking” and “Books are not for eating, but reading”* (Can you guess what my daughter has been up to in the past?). They don’t have much plot, but they help, which is amazing. Some of the books are more detailed, like the many books we have about sleeping alone (i.e. getting into bed and staying there, doesn’t sound complicated, does it?). These books often reveal how differently kids think and I look forward to trying to solve future problems with books, like maybe the following one described by a parent: 
Our first son began peeing on the potty at 18 months, but he was scared to do “the other.” After offering many rewards and becoming very frustrated, we turned to the doctor, who explained that some children view bowel movements as a literal part of themselves and are afraid to watch them flush away. (This made so much sense because he was a very analytical child.) After showing him a children’s anatomy book and explaining how the digestive system worked, he started going #2 the very next day! 
– Ginny Graham; Collegeville, Pennsylvania


*This book has chewable sides, in case you have been looking for a chewable book, or rather a book that does not fall apart after having been chewed, since I have discovered all books are chewable.

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