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Brush your hair or you will be purchased and used to clean the floor.

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I came across Don Freeman’s Mop Top at Half Price Books and had to purchase it for my friend who writes about redheads, because the cover features a jaunty little redheaded boy. I can’t wait to see what she does with it (update to follow!). Full disclosure, friend, I read it to my daughter first — I hope you don’t mind — and I found that, despite her lack of red hair it contained a lesson for her. And for myself: cut, brush, and comb your hair or people will give you a mean nickname and worse, try to use you as a mop. This hits a little too close to home, since my daughter and I both have fine, curly(ish) hair, that can sometimes look… moppy. Her hair was so wild when it was at a certain point (before it really grew in) that people in the streets would laugh and comment with glee. I think the term “baby Einstein” (not referring to her incredible intelligence) was used more than once. You’ll be happy to know that she now has longer, more kempt curls, but I still think that being used as a mop is kind of an extreme answer. Hey kid, you better start using some product, or we will literally wipe the floor with you.

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