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My friend got my daughter this extremely fun book that comes with tickle monster gloves. In the beginning my daughter just enjoyed Tickle Monster (by Josie Bissett and illustrated by Kevan J. Atteberry), and didn’t completely understand what was going on. Then she enjoyed it because she wanted to be tickled. Now she puts the gloves on and tries to tickle me, which would be fantastic if she understood what exactly tickling was. Sometimes she thinks tickling is a synonym for scratching or pinching (though she is getting better). She often doesn’t understand where people are ticklish. For instance, I am not ticklish on my eyeball. I also do not appreciate being tickled in public when my daughter seems to think it involves removing articles of clothing I would rather keep on, zipped, closed, etc.  Sometimes she puts on the gloves and I just run away. She puts the monster in tickle monster. Do you have good memories of being tickled? Are you ticklish on your eyeball or butt?

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  1. When I was a child we had an orange ball-like creature with a blue hat and ridiculously long arms. We called him the tickle monster and tickled each other with the arms. Looking back, it was kind of strange.


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