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After a stint in in prison, George gets nostalgic, overdoses, and is repeatedly exploited

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The original, enthralling Curious George books (by Margret and H.A. Rey) contain too much action and things worthy of comment to talk about in just one post. This is going to summarize parts of Curious George, Curious George Takes a Job, and Curious George Rides a Bike (just the very beginning). George’s acclimation to his new life (post abduction) is not easy. He lands in prison for a simple mistake. He paints a picture of his homeland (trying to communicate where he would actually like to be?) and — because of his art — is chased. During the pursuit, he breaks his leg, since he isn’t used to pavement (there is no pavement in the jungle). In the hospital he tries to put himself out of his misery (it’s the second time, he also tried to drown himself earlier). But the man in the yellow hat finds him and makes him work as an actor. On the job George at least gets to pretend he is back home, in his jungle. He gets to play in a recreation of his homeland, making money for his kidnapper. Later, sadistic man in the yellow hat wants to take captured George to see other captured animals (probably using the money he made off of George) to “celebrate” the year anniversary of his abduction. Do you remember this from when you were a kid? Do you think the man in the yellow hat should be punished?

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  1. Noooo … the man is George’s friiiiieeeeeennnnnddd!! 😀

    As a child I always loved how creative George was when he turned that room into a jungle. I thought it was so cool while at the same time I knew it was wrong of him to paint on the man’s furniture. Hmm . . .


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