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Whatever I believe is true

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The back cover of The Carrot Seed (story by Ruth Krauss and pictures by Crockett Johnson) claims that it is a book about “childhood faith rewarded.” Basically there is a little boy, he plants a carrot seed, everyone tells him it won’t grow, he waters it and believes and a scarily enormous carrot grows. Everyone is wrong. His mom is wrong, his dad is wrong, his brother is wrong. I get nervous reading this book. Because it doesn’t seem like it’s about faith so much but about being really stubborn and thinking you have answers that no one else does. This is particularly problematic when “you” is a sometimes illogical, irrational, desirous toddler. So what if instead of a carrot seed the boy planted a piece of chocolate or a doll, thinking that it would “grow” and then insisted it would grow to everyone? Maybe he should listen to his parents because it isn’t going to grow. The “faith” in this story is unproblematic because, first off, he’s obsessed with growing a carrot which is very sweet and, second of all, the carrot grows. I would like a book about “properly placed faith rewarded” or “stubborn, unrealistic faith, not rewarded,” but there don’t seem to be any books like this. Any recommendations?

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