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Toddler AND Drunk

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Someone told my daughter she looked “a little drunk.” I asked on facebook what that meant and wondered what a really drunk toddler would look like. I wasn’t being serious, but I immediately received a number of great responses. Like trying to do my hair when drunk and baby trashes a bar and David after Dentist. It seems a lot of people think about drinking/drugs and babies/children. Not sure what this says about us. I also got a good, fun image from a friend for the toddler/drunk quiz and then I realized that it was a potentially drunk looking toddler (not a bear or a monster or a creature), and thought that maybe I need a new category that combines the two. What do you think? To deal with this conundrum, until a better solution is found, “both” will be on option on future quizzes, in case the picture really looks like a drunk toddler to you. I also had not thought about Mickey in this way and am excited to add to the many ways of reading Sendak, whose books, like all great literature, are always open to interpretation.

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  1. Still screams “frat boy” to me! As you mentioned in an earlier post, so many disturbing things about this book… and yet it is awesome. Sendak was a genius.

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