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Party until you pass out

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In Eric Hill’s Night-Night Spot, Spot isn’t tired. So his parents have him put away his toys, give him a bath, read to him and all sorts of things. He’s still not tired but he gets into bed. Then his mom leaves and he gets up and plays with his toys. Then he passes out. Then he goes to bed. There doesn’t seem to be a lesson (like don’t play with your toys when you should be sleeping or you’ll be tired the next day). It is just a representation of something that happens. Sometimes your kid is going to stay up playing with toys and not sleeping. Sometimes your kid is not going to listen to you. The end! When I read this to my daughter right before bed, I think, is this a good idea? Maybe this is more a morning book! Have you or your child ever passed out, dressed up like a cowboy (or buckaroo)?

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  1. A cute one to check out about getting children to sleep is “The Storybook Prince”. You and Nola would like it.

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