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Monsters exist and holding your parents hostage

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Glen Wright’s I Sleep in My Own Bed starts off (as many of these books do) by trying logic, in an attempt to reason with the young listeners. One of the problems with getting toddlers to sleep is sometimes they are not logical, they often don’t understand “Go to sleep or you will be annoyed and annoying tomorrow” (I wouldn’t phrase it quite that way if speaking directly to my daughter). The beginning of the book talks about why the boy doesn’t sleep in other places (his sister’s room, his parents’ room, etc.). I like this part. Then he starts talking about how he doesn’t sleep in the washer or fridge. My daughter has never attempted to get into either of these appliances and I don’t want her to think it is a possibility or something one can consider, the way one considers other people’s beds. Next thing about this book is we live in a one bedroom apartment (this is changing soon, so excited!). Wait, this has nothing to do with this book, you say? Well the boy also talks about how both of his parents’ cars live in the garage (They have a garage and a huge house, including a basement, a shed, etc.!). So a good deal of the “logic” of the book doesn’t make any sense for us and frankly, if I had a shed there would be nights I’d let my daughter sleep in it. Finally, one of the reasons the boy sleeps in his room is because the monsters can’t get in and he can hold his parents hostage. I’ve been held hostage before by a two year old, it’s truly scary and I don’t like to see it mentioned in print. I also do not like the idea of monsters outside of my door, I mean, my daughter’s door.

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  1. The pictures from the book look scary – the humans are missing noses and look to be permanently squinting! Did your daughter enjoy this book? It sounds truly bizarre!

    • She does like it, but she likes a lot of questionable things. I won’t get into her musical tastes at the moment. She also tends to close her eyes and squint when we tell her to smile for photos and now I am worried that she learned this behavior from this book!

  2. These parents don’t seem too perturbed about being held hostage . . .

  3. Glenn Wright’s ‘I Sleep in My Own Bed’ is an excellent book….one that is easy for any child to read. I find the illustrations delightful, filled with wonderful, vibrant colors and my daughters LOVE this book! (One of their favorites!!) As for the comment…”So a good deal of the “logic” of the book doesn’t make any sense for us” A bit harsh I think…What is your critique of Dr. Seuss? I applaud Glenn Wright for his ability to continue to foster the imagination of children. I look forward to the next book that Glenn Wright bestows upon us – no doubt it will be just as good as the 1st!

    • Most of what is written here is supposed to be somewhat amusing. I am sorry if you found it offensive or overly harsh. I do not actually think children’s books are dangerous, I think reading is important. Period.


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