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“Good Night, Gorilla” is awesome.

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This. Book. Is. Awesome. That’s right, Peggy Rathmann’s Good Night, Gorilla is so awesome I knew I wanted to overuse either exclamation marks or periods to describe it and I chose periods!!!! It works in so many ways. Let me begin: there are lots of animals. There is a gorilla (which my daughter loves). There are little details (what do the animals have in their cages?) that my daughter really enjoys. Then the text is so simple (the narration is really guided by the pictures) that you could read it with your eyes closed. This isn’t just an expression, I have read it with my eyes closed more than once. My daughter use to wake up in the middle of the night hungry (growth spurt? bad parenting? don’t answer) and the only way to get her back to sleep (after she ate) was to read a book she knew. Like this book. And, unlike a lot of her other books, the words were so simple that I could read it with my eyes closed. Do you have any books like this that you enjoy? It’s as close as I’ve gotten to reading in my sleep and made a big difference when I literally could not keep my eyes open. Literally. (What, you say, just make up a story? I was too tired to make up stories.) Next, it is funny. It’s about a zookeeper who says goodnight to animals, the gorilla lets all of them out, they go into zookeeper’s bedroom, he doesn’t realize they are there (or he pretends not to notice), but his wife does. She marches them back to the zoo (in her nightgown) and returns (somehow still with the gorilla and mouse). On one level it is about a zookeeper and a zoo, on another it is about how you may try and try but somehow a gorilla keeps ending up in your bed. By gorilla I clearly mean child. You could also, if you were really tired, blame that zookeeper for not keeping a closer eye on things, making more work for his wife, and therefore ending up with a bed full of animals. 

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