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You came out of your mother’s womb and now you sleep in a bed

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You don’t expect to suddenly be discussing the facts of life when reading a book about going to sleep. Your Own Big Bed (by Rita M. Bergstein and pictures by Susan Kathleen Hartling) is structured around the concept that animals grow up, you grow up, animals end up sleeping in their own proper place (nests, etc.), you sleep in your own place (your bed). It’s great because there are lots of animal drawings (children tend to love animals), but the logic is fairly sophisticated. It took me a moment. This book might be aimed at older children, if it is aimed at older children though they might start asking questions and I don’t find discussing right before bed ideal. For instance, I don’t like talking (or thinking) about the act of giving birth to be a good pre-sleep activity.

On a less painful note, and speaking of birth, today is my youngest sister’s birthday. Happy birthday, little sister!

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  1. It’s the dreaded conversation isn’t it? We have been finding that it’s leading to increasingly more detailed questions, requiring detailed answers that I am afraid we curtail with: ‘We’ll tell you when you’re older!’

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