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It is truly hard to sleep by yourself

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It’s Time to Sleep in Your Own Bed is for people who are co-sleeping and no longer want to be. It is written by Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph.D. and is a “transition times book.” It has a four page write up at the end for parents. The write up ends by assuring you that there are a lot of challenging transition times coming in the future as well. The book depicts the boy resisting the change of moving to sleep in his own bed. He’s unhappy (he dreams of the fun times he had in his parents’ bed) but he sticks it out and in the end gets a gift certificate. It is really realistic. The book’s point is partially that transitions can be sad. It makes my daughter sad, which is also something that I don’t aim to have happen before she goes to sleep. She feels bad for him. I wish the book, instead of showing that sleeping with your parents is fun, but you’ll get over it, could show how awesome sleeping alone is. You get to have a stuffed animal party! You can wake up and have some quiet time before your parents even know about it! You can sleep upside down if you want and not worry about kicking people in the face or getting kicked in the face! What are other advantages to sleeping alone?

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  2. You get the blanket all to yourself!


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