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It is really, truly hard to sleep by yourself

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Mommy, I want to Sleep in YOUR Bed!
(by Harriet Ziefert and pictures by Elliot Kreloff) combines some elements from the books already discussed. Animals sleep where they are supposed to sleep, nighttime ritual, everyone goes to sleep, Charlie escapes, Mother explains about sleeping, Charlie tries to go to sleep. Can’t. Rearranges room. Falls asleep talking about how he was crying because he was forced to sleep alone. The end! My daughter says “oh no” repeatedly at the crying and the fact that it ends with Charlie talking about crying doesn’t seem to reassure her. What helps you to fall asleep?

You may be sick of sleep book posts, I’m moving on next week I promise, although there are definitely more sleep books out there. If you ever find a magical book that solves all sleep issues (for children and adults) please let me know. 

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  1. Oh dear. What a distressing story! It sounds like one written by a child to make parents believe they are behaving inhumanely. Hmmm… Perhaps we should all start reading our children books on quantum physics or the theory of evolution to get them to sleep… or that might backfire and end up with all of us being bombarded with endless ‘Why…’ questions. I don’t know if we ever read many books on sleeping. It was a sore subject in this house until in recent years. Now luckily Holly sleeps well though can take a while to fall asleep. We find audiobooks are good, Winnie the Pooh in particular, as it soothes her.

    • If it were written by a child that would definitely explain the perspective!
      I’ve started telling her a boring story about herself walking in an enchanted forest that seems to help. For a week or so I was actually reading to her from some books of literary criticism (I probably shouldn’t admit this. . . !) and it did seem to put her to sleep (and I got some work done). Then she figured out I was not really reading her a story, no matter how expressive my voice, and protested.
      We’ll have to try Winnie the pooh!


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