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Children are different or, at least, mine is

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So I am going to give you some scenarios, tell me which would cause you to comment or cry out: hunter shoots mother, old king eats poisoned mushroom and dies, refined lady does exercises with elephant in his underwear, monkey swings in a tree, lady runs into an elephant in the street and buys him clothes, and dressed up elephant marries cousin. What, you think “monkey swings in a tree” is clearly the most interesting part of what I just said? Not the tragic killing of a mother in front of her child, not the bizarre woman knowing an elephant wants to wear clothes, not the suspiciously poisoned mushroom, not the exercises? If you agree that the (in this series of events) banal monkey in a tree is the most exciting thing about this story, you are in good company. My daughter (who usually is empathetic) could care less about the deaths in The Story of Babar: the little elephant (by Jean De Brunhoff), she doesn’t seem to find elephants wearing clothes odd, she just gets really excited whenever the monkeys make an appearance. They have a really minor role, as small as, say Elmo’s parents in his life. She told her father the other day (when he was trying to get her to nap) that monkeys were her best friends. Please let me know when I should be concerned.Most interesting thing about this picture? The monkey in the bush.

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  1. I love how you analyze this story. It’s like a Disney Movie.


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