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Tear the bunny into little pieces

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When I was little I thought Dorothy Kunhardt’s Pat the Bunny was about Pat, the bunny. Don’t blame me: I didn’t have a comprehensive understanding of correct comma use. Before my daughter was born we were lucky enough to be given two copies of Pat the Bunny. THANK GOODNESS, because she devoured/tore to pieces one of them! They appear to put something in the book that makes babies crazy. I think it is actually designed to maximize baby insanity, I mean enjoyment? First off, there is a little book in the book, so if you didn’t already feel like ripping apart the main book, a couple of good tugs on the mini-book will probably get you (if you are nine months old) to a point where you feel ready for destruction. Then there are the flowers you are supposed to smell. They really smell and somehow their scent gets stronger over time. It gives me a headache that makes me want to rip apart the book. There is a mirror and a lot of little ones love mirrors. But not a mirror in which is easy to see yourself (like in awesome Peek-a-who by Nina Laden), but a really little mirror. In fact you feel like if you pulled at the page around the mirror, maybe the mirror underneath is bigger, then you could see yourself better in it. And, suddenly, the book is being ripped to shreds again. You are supposed to stick your finger in a a hole that claims to be mommy’s ring, but is actually the perfect sized hole to start from if you wanted to tear the page apart. Then there is the plastic spiral binding which also seems to be asking for a little tug. Do you think it may actually be designed to be torn apart so that people have to purchase more?

My daughter’s second copy has survived reasonably well, but we are still finding bits of the one she “looked” at when she was younger in weird places. See Judy’s head! See a piece of Paul’s hand! The copy we have now is missing its cover, but is otherwise intact and I think my daughter has outgrown ripping it apart.* But I am not completely sure. What are your experiences, past or present, with Pat the Bunny? Do you get a headache when you sniff the flowers?

*I wrote this and two days later she tried to destroy the book again, thanks to the  spiral binding. She then wanted it put together again. Great, a new game I am really excited to play.

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  1. Thank you pointing out how fragile this darn book is! My son loves it, but it’s hanging in shreds. Publishers, if you’re listening, we need a copy that is rip-proof and can withstand massive amounts of drool. Thanks!

    • I think any parent I have ever mentioned this book to, says their child destroyed (or almost destroyed) it, definitely a durability issue!

  2. I’ve never had any experience with this book. I wish I had; it sounds quite interesting!

    “Do you think it may actually be designed to be torn apart so that people have to purchase more?” Yes. Most definitely. 😀 Thanks for the laugh!


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