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Scarry’s world is dangerous

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In What Do People Do All Day? there is a car crash, a boat sinks, a train almost hits another, and a fire from which a kid has to be rescued burns part of a house. As I read it I think, thank goodness it does not talk about planes, because I do not want daughter to develop a plane phobia (we’ve been on a lot of planes) and I don’t think we’ll be traveling by boat any time soon. Luckily the car crashes are primarily to demonstrate that roads need to be paved and evened, so we’ll just avoid driving on dirt paths and winding roads; hopefully this will be possible in our cross-country drive this summer.

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  1. Oh my goodness, my boys LOVE Richard Scarry and “Busytown”. Have you seen the book “The Snowstorm”? There are so many things disturbing about that book. Which means I highly recommend it! 😉
    And some random trivia… did you know that Lowly is called “Zigo Zago” in Italian? I kind of like that.

    • Oh! So fun I want some in Italian. We haven’t seen “The Snowstorm,” looking forward to it.

      How do they feel about Workville?


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