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In Scarry’s world there are mail problems

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In Scarry’s world every time mail is supposed to get somewhere, it almost doesn’t. This is true in What Do People Do All Day? and other of his books. I don’t know why, maybe Scarry had a lot of bad experiences getting his mail. Maybe his nemesis was a postal worker. The expression “going postal” wasn’t going to be used for decades, so Scarry wouldn’t have had to fear the effects of these negative portrayals. The postal service also wasn’t as in danger of being cut or diminished, so one could be more playful about these things without worrying. My postal worker has never hidden a letter under his/her hat and I’ve never kissed him/her. People also rarely tip their hat to me; sometimes Scarry makes me wonder about the experiences I am  missing.  

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  1. This makes me miss Grandma….

  2. I love your observations on Richard Scarry. His books have such a manic feel to them and the craziness is I think what makes them so wonderful to kids (and to adults like me!).

    • There is so much happening on each page; there is always something new to be discovered. I like the idea of them being manic (and that that is part of their appeal).

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