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See the Monkeys Reading in Bed

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I mentioned that we discovered Eileen Christelow’s Five Little Monkeys books not too long ago. My daughter predictably LOVES them. She now has four of them memorized. I am not ecstatic about the fact that I knowingly accepted another copy of little monkeys jumping on the bed into our household, but I really should not complain. (I once mentioned being tired to my officemate because my daughter had kept me up all night. He shared the Italian proverb, “Hai voluto la bicicletta? Pedala!” Which means — you wanted a bike? Pedal! Similar to “you made your bed; now sleep in it.”). The Five Little Monkeys book about reading rhymes, which is always fun/slightly maddening after a while, and is so far my favorite. In it a mother is trying to get her children to go to sleep. They won’t because they keep reading (and enjoying reading). Then finally she confiscates their books and READS them to herself, keeping herself up. I completely understand this, not because I read my daughter’s books to myself after she’s gone to sleep, but because I sometimes do not follow my advice to her, like “get sleep.” She’ll finally be asleep and I’ll take the time to read, do nothing, but not go to sleep when I should. This is better when my daughter’s father is around and I am forced to be slightly more normal.

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  1. What is this book trying to teach the kids, anyway? That their mommies are hypocrites?


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