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K is for Kafka

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I am lucky enough to have two things in my life that could take up 100% of my time. If that sounds like sarcasm it is not, my work is something that I really enjoy (and could easily expand to fill all my time) and being a mom could easily take up 100% of my time as well. I am also really fortunate that I am with someone who doesn’t mind if I talk about my work and our daughter 50-90% of the time (I also care about my friends, family, and sometimes the rest of the world). I’ve wondered how these two things (work, daughter) affect each other. One is that my daughter has some weird books, that she wouldn’t have if I didn’t teach what I teach and do what I do: like Beetle Boy (by Lawrence David and illustrated by Delphine Durand), an adaptation of The Metamorphosis for children (The ending is slightly happier than the original’s). She also has a bunch of Little Lits, since, when I was teaching Art Spiegelman’s Maus I read about the series, collections of graphic art storybooks for kids edited by Spiegelman and his wife Francoise Mouly. Most Little Lits are really great.

Some articles like this “A for Apple” about an orangutan’s use of technology seem to apply to both areas of my life, in different ways (Kafka is mentioned; you can figure out how it applies to life with my daughter).

In terms of teaching, while in general I do (or did?) not like to reveal anything about my personal life to my students (unless relevant to the class), I’ve had to reveal having a child on more than one occasion.Particularly since my daughter’s father was cross country and my family all lives on the East coast, I sometimes had to do things like bring my daughter to office hours. Or cancel a class when she was really sick. Do you remember going to your parents’ workplace when you were younger?

This is a Kafka book that looks like cigarettes, I am not letting my child play with a box of cigarettes.

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