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We’re driving cross-country in a few weeks, armed with stickers, Sesame Street, books, toys, monkeys, and food for our daughter. Red Tricycle recently recommended a map on Road Trip Must Haves for kids, so we got a placemat of the U.S. in preparation. My daughter can point out California and North Carolina on it (subtext: she is clearly a genius). I’ve heard “quiet books” are great — I’m trying to figure out if I should make one or not. Any other advice?

We drove across the country when she was four months old (not generally recommended, but it had some real high points, including ending up seeing my parents in Colorado). The photos are of my daughter at Andersen’s and my daughter in a motel (we chose our accommodations based on her attire). Our tentative route this time is Lake Tahoe, Salt Lake City, Cheyenne, Lincoln… and then there is only about 22 hours of driving after that.

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  1. Subtext: YES! She IS clearly a genius : )

  2. Lovely pics! We always survive road trips with lots of audiobooks… we’re doing one to France this summer and I must select some good new ones. Have fun on your journey!


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