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I received this from Avra at Red Twighlight. Thank you, Avra! She is one of my most frequent commenters, which I also really appreciate! She writes about a whole bunch of different stuff and has many interesting ideas on a variety of topics: here is the screen shot of her “tags” just to give you an idea. “Squirrels” is bigger than “tales of woe” (and “family,” “food,” “adventure,” “humor,” and “love it” bigger than both), which seems like a good thing in life in general.


1. Thank and link back to the giver of the award.

2. List five blogs with 200 or fewer followers that reach out and touch the hearts and souls of others and let the authors know on their respective blogs.

3. Copy and paste the award on your blog and share 7 random things about yourself.

I’ve enjoyed learning about more children’s books (and parenting) from other people through blogs (and other places too of course). A lot of people write about books for slightly older kids, so I also look forward to reading things they have mentioned. The category (under 200 followers) is fairly specific and some people don’t display the number of followers they have, which makes it tricky. Also, to be honest, most of the blogs I read consistently are written by people I know (with some exceptions). Perhaps this is actually true for many people? I read things as they relate to questions I have or things that interest me at a certain time, but I am always interested in my friends. I also (biased though I may be) think my friends have a lot of interesting things to say. I might be the opposite of Avra in terms of blog consumption (but I don’t know Avra, so she would have to tell me): she seems to have fostered an online community through her broad reading and great commenting on other people’s blogs (her blog world seems big). I tend to read blogs by people I know in real life and sometimes email them about or talk to them about things they blogged (my blog world is pretty small); I am pretty sure that is not ideally how blogging works since all of those conversations and comments are completely separate from the blog itself (doing no one’s blog a favor). I can’t help it: I’ve only lived about a third of my life in the twenty-first century, sometimes twentieth century me wins. That’s right I am blaming it on my age, poor excuse that it is. I am of course not saying bloggers don’t have real life friends as well; I am saying that I am much worse at making connections with bloggers and having “blog friends” (which I know a bunch of people do) than I am at having friends I can physically see/touch/smell etc.

I am not sure if I am doing this right so just write me irate comments below if I am not. I’ll try and fix it. And again, thank you, Avra!

My Liebster Blogs!

  1. Topless Carrot

She writes about redheads. It’s funny, fun, and makes you really think about redheads. It has also become one of my ways to learn about pop culture, since, I am often out of it when it comes to pop culture. So my pop culture knowledge has become very redhead slanted, but that’s okay. Some people with redhead fetishes might even think this is good. For what topless carrot thinks about this, you’ll have to read the blog.

2. Butter, sugar, flowers

A beautiful site about tasty things.  I know from personal experience that she’s a fabulous baker. Yum. She already has one so maybe I am not supposed to give her another? I won’t take it back.

3. Senza Fissa Dimora/Nomadic Subject

A smart guy who writes smart and interesting stuff on a whole range of topics (politics, literature, and all that is left beyond those two topics).

4. DESIGN inspiration

Writes about how things should look or interesting things that look appealing. Or not, sometimes (with a well-honed critical eye). She’s posted about a couple of things that have enticed me enough that I’ve purchased them (reusable bags to replace plastic ones and jewelry). She was also the source of comment about those awesome posters depicting crazy things that parents end up saying to their kids.

5. Childtasticbooks

A mom and child reviewing books, a fantastic idea and a blog full of thought. Also gives some great ideas of books I look forward to reading when my daughter is a bit older.

Seven random things.

  1. I started this blog more or less because I was alone with my daughter. I would often compose them in my head while I was reading (the same book for the four hundredth time). I am not sure if it will continue very consistently now that we are all together as a family (there may be a sharp drop July 14th-ish). I also had a lot more weird time (time in which I couldn’t do my own work, but wasn’t necessarily doing something active with my daughter) than I do now (so happy to have less “weird time”!). In addition, my daughter’s father was also one of my most consistent readers and he’s here now, doing the reading with me. The posts will probably be less frequent (and there won’t be any for the later part of July, since we’ll be on our trip), but who knows. Thank you so much to the people who have read over the past few months!
  2. I have been so grateful to my immediate family, who all live on the east coast and all came to see me/help while I was here without my husband. This isn’t really about me except to say that I feel really lucky to have the family I have. My daughter is also really lucky to have the aunts and grandparents she has. Leaving is making me think about the past couple of years, which leads me to . . .
  3. I could live without four seasons. I love the weather here. I like being able to go outside whenever I want to. I enjoy being comfortable and being able to go to playgrounds with my daughter all the time. When I get back east and start talking about how great it is to have snow and unbearable heat and how I could never live in California because they don’t have four in your face seasons I’ll be lying completely and totally (to myself). Please do not remind me of this.
  4. I wish I knew a language written with a non-Latin script.
  5. Since my first name is strange I get really confused when I have to tell it to someone (like at a restaurant in which they are going to call you). Should I lie? Spell it? Let them butcher it? Let them ask me where it comes from and turn it into a potentially long conversation? Once I was out with my two roommates, one weird named and one normal named. The host at the restaurant asked us for the name to put down and we, the weirdly named, both said the normal one’s name at the same time (adamantly). Us of the weirdly named thought that was hilarious. If you don’t find this funny, perhaps your name is not weird enough.
  6. I never knew monkeys would play such a large role in my life.

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  1. Reblogged this on Senza Fissa Dimora / Nomadic Subject and commented:
    I have to think about what this award entails. But it is great (that I know for sure). Thank you Saskia!

  2. Thank you so much for the mention. It means a lot to me so early on in my blogging adventure! And please don’t stop with your blog – even if you post less frequently we still want to read your observations (they always make me laugh!).

  3. Yep, I follow strangers’ blogs rather than friends. I have this weird thing about keeping my blogging life separate from my real life. Not sure why.

    Oh, and I smiled at number 6. 😉

  4. Saskia, I must be slow — I just realized who “SEZ” is! It makes me so happy to read your blog knowing it’s YOU, and to connect with you here.
    Thank you so much for the award. It means a lot to me that you like my blog and especially my baking in real life.
    I hope that #3 will lure you back to the bay area often if not permanently! I have daydreams about babysitting your little girl and going on double-dates with her, you, and our husbands. I regret not suggesting either before your departure!

    • I love your daydreams! (and OF COURSE your baking!).
      My identity is vaguely hidden (mostly because I don’t want this to be one of the first things that comes up on searches when people in academia look me up and my name makes me very google-able).


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