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Google Searches and Children’s Books

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Most of the searches that lead people to my site make sense: they look up a specific book that I have talked about. But then there are some bizarre searches (and I wonder how many pages and pages of other searched items they had to look through to get to my site, seeing as it would probably not show up in the first 25 pages!). For instance, someone looked up “no” and got to my site. Some people seem to be looking for answers I (and the internet in general) cannot necessarily provide, like “am i a character in a book?” Some just kind of disturb me and the searcher is probably not interested in my site (“full frontal child nudity,” “tickle-me kiss,” and “george grover prison”). By the way, “the little engine that could by watty piper” is completely beating “mr. noodles from elmo” (two most popular searches I have). Take that, Elmo. What strange searches lead people to your site?

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  1. Thanks for making me laugh! I have seen some odd searches too recently. Such as:
    Little girl tongue
    How famous is Holly
    Facials (seriously?!)
    Eating mum
    Four years tongue
    They make no sense to me at all. I’ve tried entering those search terms too to see if we come up and we don’t come anywhere near the top pages. So how are they finding us?

    • Some of those are bizarre! It is confusing how they get to one’s site if their terms don’t seem to lead their easily. I wish it supplied the information that they got to page 45 or something to do it. I didn’t know people went through that many pages.

  2. A couple people searched “small spotted bug couch” and got my blog. I’m not even sure what they were looking for with those search words, but I don’t think it was my blog.

    I once got a “how can i take hold of my emotions?” Do I seem like a therapist to you?

    One that really confuses me is “jak zrobic 3 job thiefem w twilights.” What on earth does that have to do with my blog?!

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