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Sometimes there are monsters, bears, dinosaurs, etc. in my daughter’s books that seem to represent toddlers or kids. They are unreasonable, do not listen, shout, slur their words, do not do what they are supposed to, demand specific foods, refuse to sleep, sleep in strange places… You see where I am going with this. In this poll series (“Toddler or Drunk”), vote whether or not the image looks like it represents a drunk guy or a toddler. Your response probably reveals which one you spend more time around these days. Feel free to share a photo of your friend or child that supports your vote. Polls appear Fridays.

The Super Hungry Dinosaur (by Martin Waddell & illustrated by Leonie Lord)

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A very fun book I’ve mentioned before.

Why both?

Mo Willems’ “I Am Invited to a Party!”

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By the time this posts I’ll be in Seattle for a close friend’s wedding. I am very excited for her and her fiancé; they are a wonderful couple! Congratulations to them! It also happens to another close friend’s birthday and she will be there as well! Happy birthday to her! This picture seemed particularly appropriate for this weekend.

Richard Scarry’s “What Do People Do All Day?” Again

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What is going on here? Are those people in costume? Are they in Germany? What is going on with the crane? Has the primate been hiding in those bananas the whole time (that’s the way Scarry likes his monkeys)? Most importantly, do you think they will have fun on their visit? My daughter always answers yes.

Richard Scarry’s “What Do People Do All Day?”

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Next week is Scarry week. I know you are excited. Have a good weekend!

Jane Yolen & Mark Teague’s “How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?” Again

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This book made a lot more sense to me after I went to Habitot’s parenting workshop given by Dr. Erica Reischer, “10 Things Great Parents Do.” She had a lot of wonderful advice and information. Unlike some parenting blogs, books, doctors, people, etc. her advice seem adaptable to a whole series of different kind of families (so it wasn’t aimed just at people who live in a house made of organic vegan reconstituted bread crumbs or parents whose two year old’s schedules are busier and more stressful than mine). She made some of the things that I already do make more sense, made me reconsider some of the ways we try to deal with our vivacious two year old, and gave some great ideas on other parenting methods we could use. One idea she mentioned that I definitely want to do more of is getting a child to behave using imagination/creative techniques. Dr. Reischer mentioned a study that got a bunch of five year olds to be still through an inventive story (involving, I believe, a trapped princess), whereas they wouldn’t be still when just ordered to be still (make sense! seriously, this makes sense to me, I think the creative technique might work better on me as well). In How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? a whole bunch of dinosaurs (with human parents) are depicted doing things one should not do before going to bed (but which dinosaurs do not actually do, because dinosaurs are awesome), and then the second half of the book illustrates how real dinosaurs say good night (they are very sweet, don’t roar, they do not whine, they get into bed without making their parents read a million books, etc.). It is fun and a way to have your child pretend to be a dinosaur when going to bed, that actually involves being super well behaved. The book asks questions and my daughter loves responding loudly “No!” to all the questions about the dinosaurs who are behaving naughtily (Does he mope, does he moan, does he sulk, does he sigh? Does he fall on top of his covers and cry?).

I’ve been telling her a story right before she goes to sleep about a little girl who lives in an enchanted forest who happens to have my daughter’s name (the story always ends with the little girl going to sleep); it seems to be helping. What sort of creative parenting techniques do you use? Do you ever use creative techniques to get yourself to behave?

Have a great weekend!

Jane Yolen & Mark Teague’s “How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?”

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Yes, this is another book about going to bed. Have a good weekend!

Toddler AND Drunk

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Someone told my daughter she looked “a little drunk.” I asked on facebook what that meant and wondered what a really drunk toddler would look like. I wasn’t being serious, but I immediately received a number of great responses. Like trying to do my hair when drunk and baby trashes a bar and David after Dentist. It seems a lot of people think about drinking/drugs and babies/children. Not sure what this says about us. I also got a good, fun image from a friend for the toddler/drunk quiz and then I realized that it was a potentially drunk looking toddler (not a bear or a monster or a creature), and thought that maybe I need a new category that combines the two. What do you think? To deal with this conundrum, until a better solution is found, “both” will be on option on future quizzes, in case the picture really looks like a drunk toddler to you. I also had not thought about Mickey in this way and am excited to add to the many ways of reading Sendak, whose books, like all great literature, are always open to interpretation.