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Making the world colorful with reading

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I remember reading/having read to me Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (written by Judi Barrett and drawn by Ron Barrett) as a kid. I primarily remember the story within the story, of a city whose weather provides sustenance not water. I did not remember as vividly the wonderful frame story, depicted in black and white. A grandfather flips a pancake, it lands on the kids (providing the idea for the story he tells in which food falls from the sky). At the end the kids go out and the sun looks like a pat of butter (it’s in color, unlike the rest of the frame). Real life events provide the inspiration for a fictional story that then changes the way the listeners perceive the world. I think as a kid I even thought that maybe, just maybe it wasn’t actually a story and that the sun at the end could be a pat of butter. Because, yeah, fiction is that good.